Sunday, May 8, 2011


Nan on the left, Mum in the middle, my aunty on the right.

Happy Mothers Day to these groovy ladies, and all the groovy mums out there!


  1. I always find looking at photos from the 70s strange. You look at older photos and everyone looks all formal and proper and stuff. I've seen family photos from the 50s with destitute drunks in them looking more regal than I would on my best day. But you get to the 70s (and some of the 60s too, I guess) and everyone kind of looks, I don't know, relaxed? Casual? Off-guard? Something. Maybe it's partially to do with the way the colours look. I dunno, you're the photo buff; explain, please.

    Hope your mum is well, too.

  2. Mum's doing really well. She's back driving and has been back at work for a while now. Seems to have more of her confidence back as well, which is great. All the tests came through clear (as in she's all ok, not that she's transparent or anything. That would be weird).

    The photo thing? I have no idea. I'd say it was all the weed they were smoking, but I'm pretty sure mum didn't smoke weed. Who knows. Part of it could be the tones of vintage shots (which I personally love)? I'm definitely no expert, I just know what I like.

  3. Good to hear the tests were clear. But I hope that doesn't imply that you're all clueless about the cause. That can be agonising. Especially if you don't know whether or not it's going to happen again.

    Oh, and I should point out that I meant 70s photos are strange in a good way. It's not like I'm revolted by people looking relaxed or anything.

  4. There is that unknown aspect with Mum, but we've just got to keep an eye on her and if she's feeling dodgy she's got to actually tell us this time around. I think it really just one of those things, and it just happened to be that where she fell was a bad place to fall with all the shelves and sharp edges and whatnot.


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