Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Songs for cold, dreary, can't-wait-until-the-holidays days.

Etta James is perfect for listening to on those days when you want to stare at your belly-button (let's not mention the fluff in your belly-button, just remove it and speak no more of it).

Also, for when you want to drag yourself away from feeling blue (or from staring at your belly-button, honestly, leave that fluff alone).

And, finally, I know it's soppy, but I heart this song (when Etta sings it that is, and if you're still looking at that belly-button fluff at the end of this song, there's something very wrong).

Edit: This.


  1. Cheers, EMS. That was a lovely selection for a Monday night. Especially after a bit of a heavy-metal weekend.


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