Friday, September 16, 2011

Things that are finished

First project - done!
I finally finished my first project for the Mad Hatter's Tea Party exhibition next month. I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I was waiting for the mini pegs to arrive in the post from Kikki K to complete it (and shall I just gloss over my Kikki K addiction - that stuff is like crack to stationery nerds like myself). The courier got to see me in my pajamas this morning when he delivered the package. I don't think he was terribly impressed. And he wasn't young and hot, so I don't care. Is that bad? That's bad.

Click to read more if you'd like to hear some more details about this project.

I took photos of some of my mum's China collection - she dug out a box of my Gran's stuff for me to raid as well. I just printed them onto photo paper from my computer - so they won't last forever, and will fade eventually, but they'll last long enough for them to be in the exhibition, so that's what counts right now.

I really struggled to come up with an idea for framing - I would have loved to have gotten them done professionally, but that costs a small fortune that I don't have right now. After chatting with Michelle and doing some online research, I came across this idea, which was the inspiration for what I ended up doing.

Image source.
I found a few other versions in my internet travels and a couple that I really like are the two below.

Image source.

Image source.

I really had my heart set on white frames and thought I might be able to find some suitable candidates in local op shops and whatnot, figuring that I could always take the picture out and paint the frame with the leftover white paint from my house refurbishment. However, my search for frames was fruitless. I did buy other stuff I don't need (but that is pretty) so I choose to think that the driving around wasn't in vain. 

In the end I found the mirror (bottom left in the first photo for this post) for ten bucks at The Reject Shop (it was the last one!). I found another suitable non white frame there and found a third non white frame at Spotlight (where I also bought a bunch of other stuff - I'm the worst for impulse buying, for reals).

So, I painted the frames and had to decide whether to keep the backing and the glass. Part of me didn't want to, but then I wasn't sure about how the final frames would be hung at the exhibition, so I decided to do it just in case. I painted the backing, threaded through white ribbon which was then stapled to the frame (I know I've said it already, but thanks again Allana for letting me borrow your staple gun when mine went kaput). I originally wanted to re-use the glass, but ... erm, it broke. Considering how un-co I am, it's lucky I didn't cut myself. Let's not even get into what could have happened with the staple gun. I'm unharmed and un-stapled and that's the main thing.

Then, photos were trimmed and pegged and voila! Job done.

Tomorrow I'm heading out to Mum and Dad's to borrow their iron and some of Mum's expertise to complete my second project. I can't wait to hand them over to Michelle and to see them in the exhibition!

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