Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fast five with Bec from Naughty Shorts!

For this edition of Fast Five, I'm lucky enough to be featuring the brilliant Bec from Naughty Shorts!.

If you haven't already heard of her (and I'm sure you have) - she's a dress-making, crafting and photo-taking sensation. Bec makes the most insanely beautiful dresses and her blog is an honest and very pretty account of her work and life. I started reading her blog last year and was heaps chuffed to win a free dress in a competition she ran. I love her blog because it gives me an insight into her creativity, and every time I look at her photos I involuntarily gasp because they are so, so pretty.

Here's what Bec had to say in response to my Fast Five questions ...

1) What is your favourite piece of art work currently displayed in your home/studio?
Just before I moved here to the middle of the Pilbara, my mum who is a superbly talented artist, gifted me an oil painting of two magpies on a raw linen canvas, and I swoon every time I walk past it.
2) Which blog do you NEVER skip reading (no matter how busy, crook, cranky you are)? 
There are numerous... but I can tell you that the blogs that make my heart sing and the world a more beautiful place are Kit and Nancy and Dottie Angel...
3) Where is your favourite place to get coffee and/or eggs + bacon and/or pancakes?
Living in Pannawonica there is actually no option available to us other than making our own. There are no cafes or restaurants here. I have the best stove top espresso maker given to me by my mother in-law which means that I don't have to live without coffee (thank goodness) And we have beans shipped to us by the Yallingup roasting company...
4) What is your favourite font?
I don't actually have one, but I have been meaning to make my own for a while now, I think that a font that was uniquely mine will be my most loved... I am still rather partial to the old typewriter font...
5) What is your favourite city to travel to? 
At the moment it would have to be Perth, as boring as that sounds. My family and friends are there, and after living in isolation so long it may as well be New York... I am that excited to get there. Maybe once I am back living in Perth, I might upgrade my favourite city to somewhere a little more exotic....

Word on those two favourite blogs of yours, Bec. They are regular reading for me as well - beautiful images, lots of creativity and inspiration!

Thanks Bec for participating in my Fast Five and for sharing these lovely images - the shot of your mother's art work is wonderful!

Check out Bec's blog and Facebook page, Etsy shop or do what I do and Instagram-stalk @naughtyshorts. (Umm, Bec? I've pretty much hearted each and every photo in your Instagram feed! You have a way with the lens, Missy!)

Images courtesy of Naughty Shorts!.


  1. this is such a good feature! i adore her!

    1. Thanks Robbie! She's one awesome lady! :)

  2. Thanks for this. Will have to check out her blog now. I can see why she swoons over the magpie painting. It's quite amazing!

    1. It's a beautiful painting - it would make me stop in my tracks every time I walked past it too!

  3. thanks so much for inviting me to share your beautiful space today Naomi. I am feeling very honoured indeedy :)

    1. Thanks to you for playing along with me today, Bec! :)


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